September 24, 2009

This and That

I really don't update often. Sorry. I can never seem to remember. I did finish my sister's ripple afghan. I finished on Saturday the 12th. Just in time for her birthday on Sunday. I was so happy I finished it. I can officially say that her ripple afghan was the first biggest project I've ever completed. A baby blanket doesn't count as big. Other than the ripple afghans and a baby blanket, I only ever knit/crochet hats and dishrags with a few toys and other small projects thrown in here and there.

I have my eyes set on making myself a hat and mitten set with owls on them. I've never made a hat and mitten set before. I did make a small hat and mitten ornament set. It was cute. I found a couple patterns that might work. I just have to find the right yarn. Sometimes trying to figure out the gauge so I won't knit all wrong makes me not want to knit anything at all. It can be really irritating! That happened with the owl mittens I found. The pattern says the size fits most adult female hands. Well while I was searching through projects on ravelry a lot of people said the pattern knits up really small. Even people with small hands were saying it turns out small.

I can tell the weather is changing. That's good. I want a snowy Winter, but we don't ever really have a Winter here in North Carolina. It gets cold, but it's bearable cold. I want unbearable cold! I know I'm crazy, but I like the cold. The cold also makes me want to knit. I don't work on stuff in the Summer. It's way too hot.

I may start a pair of socks today. I may try two at a time on circular needles.

I will try to remember to blog, but I really keep forgetting.

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