January 16, 2011

Linen Stitch

I was on ravelry the other day and came across the linen stitch. I really like it. It looks like linen fabric. It looks woven. It's pretty. I'm making a dishcloth right now to see how it knits up and how difficult it is. It's rather easy. I just have to pay attention or I slightly mess up. There are apparently a few different ways to make it. I like this way. It's not difficult. It's actually rather fun!

Linen Stitch

Cast on a multiple of two stitches.

Row 1 (RS): *K1, bring yarn for forward, Slip 1, bring yarn back* repeat across row.

Row 2 (WS): *P1, bring yarn back, Slip 1, bring yarn forward* repeat across row.

Repeat these two rows.

This stitch looks really cool if you change colors every two rows.

January 15, 2011

Traveling Scarves

I joined a Traveling Scarves group on ravelry. The group I am part of will be doing a lengthwise scarf. I was hesitant about doing a lengthwise scarf because it will be so wide. Plus all the stitches I have to cast on. I'm glad I joined that group though. The lengthwise scarves are really pretty. I ordered my 47" circular needles in US8 off ebay. I should get them no later than January 19. I'm going to let the others working o my scarf choose the color yarn they use and just ask for it to be in worsted weight yarn and garter stitch. It'll be the easiest stitch to knit.

January 06, 2011

I need a scarf.

It's been extremely cold here lately. I don't have a scarf. I really need and want one. I want to do a Traveling Scarf, but can't find people to participate. I was able to get one person say they were up for it, but that's it. I've posted in my Winter Wonderland group on ravelry. I thought it would be a cool and fun way for the group to participate in something together. Also, it'd be a great stash buster project. I've looked into Traveling Scarf groups on ravelry, but I'm not really interested in them. I'd rather do it with my Winter Wonderland group.

I could do a Sampler Scarf, but I want a Traveling Scarf. I saw a finished one and it was so beautiful. It was so great because it was different yarns, colors, stitches, patterns, etc. I even think it had different gauges in it. It was wonderful.