January 06, 2011

I need a scarf.

It's been extremely cold here lately. I don't have a scarf. I really need and want one. I want to do a Traveling Scarf, but can't find people to participate. I was able to get one person say they were up for it, but that's it. I've posted in my Winter Wonderland group on ravelry. I thought it would be a cool and fun way for the group to participate in something together. Also, it'd be a great stash buster project. I've looked into Traveling Scarf groups on ravelry, but I'm not really interested in them. I'd rather do it with my Winter Wonderland group.

I could do a Sampler Scarf, but I want a Traveling Scarf. I saw a finished one and it was so beautiful. It was so great because it was different yarns, colors, stitches, patterns, etc. I even think it had different gauges in it. It was wonderful.

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