July 29, 2009

More on my hat...

I think I have the bobbles and hearts for my hat figured out. It took me a while, but that is perfectly okay. I now just have to work out the gauge, measurements, stitches, etc. so that I can start working on my hat. I think I am going to use cotton. I really enjoy knitting and crocheting with cotton. I have tons of it. And I mean a ton. A ton for me, at least. I'm thinking of using a red for the hat.
I've never written a pattern before. Well, actually, I came up with my own version of Hermione's cable and eyelet hat, from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, from looking at the official picture from the movie. I was really proud of myself because I never thought I would be able to look at a picture of something knit and then figure out the pattern. I did this before I realized there was already a pattern out. I didn't finish writing the pattern out though because I had trouble figuring out the top part with the decreases and the cables.
As soon as I start on the hat, I will post pictures.

July 27, 2009

My dream hat...

is not what you think. It's not my ideal hat or anything. Last night while I was trying to fall asleep, all of a sudden an idea for a knit hat popped into my head. I'm not really a knitwear designer or anything. Every now and then I get sick of patterns and try to do stuff on my own, but it doesn't really work out. That's when I'm stuck following patterns or not doing anything at all. Hats have always been my favorite things to knit. They are relatively fast and not time consuming.

Anyway, creating the actual bobbles and hearts part and getting them in the right places is kind of time consuming. I almost have it exactly how I want it. This hat better work out or I will be so mad. I don't really have the patience for this kind of thing. Plus, this is the first thing I've knit in a long time. I've been crocheting like crazy. I've been making washcloths, dishrags, grocery bags, receiving blankets, burp cloths and ripple afghans since earlier this year. I really like how crochet is fast, but you have more options with knitting.

I guess this is my official first post. Ciao!