August 30, 2011

Dribble Dabble

They dribble, you dab. And you have a dribble dabble! It's a baby spit rag. My sister came up with the name. I showed her the baby spit rag I made and she said, "It's a dribble dabble!" So the dribble dabble was born.

It's a small 5 inch square cloth knit in Bernat Cottontots. It's super soft. It can be a spit rag, wipe, washcloth, anything you can think of. If you choose to use this as a wipe, there are lots of awesome recipes for baby safe homemade wipe solutions out there.

These are small so they fit in your pocket without being bulky. Plus, they're green! No waste! They can easily be put in the washer and dryer for easy clean-up.

I never really liked big bulky cloths. My hands are kind of small so they are too much for my hands. It doesn't take me long to knit one cloth. It's super easy and fast. This is definitely a knit while you watch TV item!

Dribble Dabble

Bernat Cottontots

US 7 (4.5 mm)

Gauge is not important.

Cast on 25.

Row 1 & 2: K1, P1 across row.

Row 3: K1, P1, P21, P1, K1

Row 4: K1, P1, K21, P1, K1

Repeat Row 3 and 4 until piece is a square. It was 28 rows of stockinette stitch for me.

Row 29 & 30: K1, P1 across row.

Bind off.

NOTE: If you decide to cast on more or less than 25, make sure it's an odd number of stitches.

PS: The picture is kind of dark because I took it with my phone. I'm unsure why the flash didn't come on.