September 08, 2009

The Baby Burp Cloths and Receiving Blankets

So back in July my cousin had her second baby. A little girl. I made her a flannel burp cloth with a crochet edging to take to the hospital with her. She says she got tons of compliments on it. So cool! It has a shell edging on it.

It took me a month and a half to finish the receiving blanket and mail it. It had actually been done since some time in August. It took me forever to mail it. Sorry for the crappy pictures. I can't decide if it's me or the camera. Probably me. It has a more involved edging than shell edging. It's the puffy lace edging. It took me a few tries to get the pattern right, but once I did, it went smoothly.

So last month my Aunt had her first baby. It was a boy. I made him a burp cloth and receiving blanket as well. I was very happy with the way these turned out.

The edging is just a simple shell edging called gentle waves edging. It was easy and fast. I didn't want to get too fancy because he's a boy. I didn't want it to look girly.

I think the next time I make some of these, I will use just solid color DMC thread and the gentle waves edging. The flannel was an ordeal. You can't find good feeling flannel. It's all cheap feeling now. The flannel I had for the girl's burp cloth and receiving blanket was stuff I got a few years ago. It was so soft. The boy's flannel I had to go buy and it doesn't feel as good as her's. They were both washed with fabric softener before I cut them out and you can still tell a difference.

I also made some simple single crochet wash cloths out of cotton tots for them both. Those pictures are really bad. So I'm not even going to post them.

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